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Looking for HIHAIR Partners! Are You In?

Posted on August 21 2018

Looking for HIHAIR Partners! Are You In?


What is Hihair Partners?

HIHAIR partners are brand spokespersons who are our best friend and loyal fans. Meanwhile, Hihair partners test and review hair products for customers. It’s sort of like third party quality supervision.


How can you in?


#1 Post your daily look image under our activity Post. i.e. Comment with your image.

#2 You are active on various social networking sites (Facebook or YouTube or Instagram or Pinterest)

.#3 If you are a good photographer that will be better. 

 For Your Benefits

#1 You will get a package every two week. Package includes 3 pcs of weaves and 1 piece of closure which worth US$150 around.

#2 You can get extra $30 coupon for all your orders for your LIFE LONG TIME.














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